Neighborhood Ramen, Philly’s Hottest Instagram Pop-Up, Is Coming to Garage Fishtown

“The only way to score a bowl was through DM - until now.”



Neighborhood Ramen Is (Finally) Ready to Open in Queen Village

“The Instagram pop-up turned brick-and-mortar will ladle out its first steamy, scratch-made bowls next week.”



Why Philly’s Hot New Ramen Spot Doesn’t Let You Take It To Go

“Neighborhood Ramen wants your noodles to be just as fresh and delicious as when they first hit the broth — which means no takeout and no doggy bags, just like in Japan.”




Neighborhood Ramen Is Going Brick and Mortar in Queen Village

"The former pop-up will serve several styles of ramen plus donburi and Japanese sides at their new shop."



From secret pop-ups to brick and mortar, Neighborhood Ramen continues bringing the people together over ramen

“A lot of people didn’t realize what it actually was: eating hot ramen in an apartment in West Philly with no air conditioning."